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Responsible Mining

Strengthening the Social Fabric in Santa Rosa de Osos

Red Eagle Mining is committed to the sustainable development of Santa Rosa de Osos and its surrounding municipalities, which constitute the Santa Rosa Gold Project Area of Influence (AOI). To this end, Red Eagle Mining has implemented social programs targeting education, culture, sports, healthcare while strengthening local institutions and promoting sustainable businesses across diverse sectors and including all community stakeholders.

Red Eagle Mining does not seek to replace government. To the contrary, Red Eagle Mining works towards reinforcing local institutions in order to promote social inclusion.

Red Eagle Mining’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are a hand up not a hand out.

Information, communication and participation

Red Eagle Mining has diligently carried out a continuous open door communication process with all stakeholders within our AOI. Prior the first drill hole, Red Eagle Mining sought to actively engage the community in town hall forums wherein interested stakeholders were able to learn about Red Eagle Mining’s plans for the Santa Rosa Gold Project and exchange ideas. The continuity of our communication approach has been a defining characteristic of our approach. Red Eagle Mining has averaged 3 community meetings per month for the past 5 years.

Primary & Secondary Education for Adults

Aiming to improve education levels within our AOI, Red Eagle Mining together with the Fundación Universitaria Católica del Norte, the Santa Rosa de Osos municipality and Marco I.E. Tobón Mejía have spearheaded a primary and secondary education certification program. The online school targets adults and youths, who never had the opportunity to conclude their primary and secondary studies.

In 2015, 78 students partook in the program. During 2016, 72 students are currently enrolled in the program.  

Computer Education

In order to increase computer literacy across our AOI, Red Eagle Mining has launched a computer education program. The course has three level: basic, intermediary, and advanced. The learning is carried out in the schools La Cejita, San Isidro, Las Ánimas, Hoyorrico y San José de la Ahumada.

Red Eagle Mining launched our computer education program in 2015. During the first year, 373 participants of all ages have benefited from the course. During 2016, 136 students who had graduated the basic program have subsequently enrolled in the intermediary level course.

Gastronomy School

Currently, 211 men and women are studying basic Colombian and international cuisine in our program, which has been developed in partnership with Santa Rosa de Osos and SENA. The latter’s function is to provide professional training and formation to workers, youths and adults. The gastronomy program seeks to provide rural men and women the skillset to seek formal employment while promoting healthy food preparation and family-oriented dining.

Rural School Connectivity

In today’s world, technology is synonymous with higher standards of living and progress. Technology also plays a significant role as a means of communication, which in turn can impact the quality of learning in school. By leveraging the high-speed internet installed by Red Eagle Mining, the schools within our AOI have all benefited from free high speed WIFI access. During 2015, over 230 people have directly benefited from our rural school connectivity initiative.

Promoting Sports and Culture

Sports and recreation are integral to the development of well-rounded members of society. As such, promoting both is clearly in line with Red Eagle Mining’s commitment to sustainable development within our AOI. Together with the Municipal Secretary of Sports, Red Eagle Mining has promoted sports and constructive leisure time activities within its AOI. Red Eagle Mining has also focused its commitment to culture and tradition by promoting various celebrations of artistic, cultural and historical significance to Santa Rosa de Osos. 

Improving Community Infrastructure

Red Eagle Mining in partnership with the Municipality of Santa Rosa de Osos has improved a variety of community infrastructure including the construction of sport facilities, playgrounds, improvement of roads & water supply and refurbishing churches.

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